Local Services Available

The following is a list of local services that have been offered directly to us during the event. Please contact them directly for additional details.

Rally in the 100 Acre Wood is not responsible for handling any monetary exchanges in regards to deposits or money due to the renter nor responsible for any damages or loss in regards to these agreements.


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Phone Number

(Expires 1/1/2024)

Want to be included? Submit your information at https://rally.100aw.org/add-a-service/

Brady Adams

We have a 40×40 shop that someone is more than welcome to use.

2294 East Hwy 32
Salem, MO 65560


(Expires 3/23/2023)

JeT Tires & Auto

We will be offering shop space in the evenings, extended hours for alignments , tire replacement and general mechanics.

800 South Park Ave
Salem, MO
(573) 729-3650
(Expires 3/31/2026)

Sellers Mechanical Services/Chilton Oil Company (Alex & Jeff Sellers)

We have some climate-controlled shop space that we’d like to make available to support the rally. We built a large diesel shop last year that is located on Babb Lane in Salem. Contact us for more detail if interested.

801 South MacArthur Avenue
Salem, MO

(Expires 4/4/2024)

SFR/Dustin Privet

Hello I’d like to offer space for a team to be able to service there cars for the Rally in the 100 Acre Wood. Located out of town close to Scotia loop on county road 5380. Roughly 14 miles from Salem and out of the way. I have a new shop complete with 2 open bays and use of a 2 post 12000 lb lift. Water supply and electric if needed. I can offer some assistance working on cars if necessary. If a team has the means to stay here via camper or what have you there is probably space enough for that as well. The shop is newly built and would prefer anyone using the space to clean up and conduct yourselves in a respectful manner. Feel free to reach out for more information and see if the space is filled. Thanks and good luck out there.

2752 County Road 5380
Salem, MO. 65560


(Expires 3/17/2024)