Jan 03

2012 Planning

Planning for the 2012 Rally in the 100 Acre Wood is well underway. Check back to the website and facebook page for updates in the coming two months.

Feb 23

Action begins in 2 days

Rally action begins in only 2 days; rain, snow, or shine. Volunteers are still needed and can register on-site Thursday evening, Friday morning, and Saturday morning. (online registration is closed)

This year we have many great Open Class teams in attendance, including 2010 Rally America, Canadian, and North America Rally champion Antoine L’Estage of Montreal, Canada; BMX legend and action sports star David Mirra from Greenville, NC; David Higgins of Trefeglwys Mid-Wales; and last minute entry, 4 time Rally America National Champion Travis Pastrana! of Annapolis MD.

Feb 21

Thank You!

The Rally in the 100 Acre Wood would like extend a very large Thank You! to all of our sponsors and supporters and the cities and counties that we use, for helping us make this wonderful event possible.