2019 Eastern Ozark Rally Cup

The 100AW Performance Rally Group is introducing the 2019 Eastern Ozark Rally Cup (EeyORe Cup) for its friends and family.

As rallying has grown up in Missouri over the past 42 years (yes kids we rallied in 1977 on some of the same roads we’re racing on today) our family has grown to dozens and dozens of key committee people, dozens of rally teams, hundreds of rally day volunteers, more and more communities and even the occasional new counties (welcome Shannon County…although, truth be told we ran in Shannon County in the 1970’s…so welcome back!).

We decided to create an inclusive award bringing our volunteers and our competitors together since we’re all becoming more and more acquainted and more and more co-responsible for our genuine fun.

The EeyORe Cup will award points to volunteers, committee folks, and competitors over the year. We will count points for finishing positions on Regional events. Events counting toward the Cup are:

Missouri Ozark Rally
Trespassers Wil Friday
Trespassers Wil Saturday

Points will be awarded in 2 classes, 2WD and AWD and multiple volunteer positions depending on their level of responsibility.

More details can be found in the official rules: 2019 eeyorecup